Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! Friends call me Reddy/Srini.

A little about me. I was born in mid 70s in a small village, Subba Reddy Palem Andhra Pradesh, India. Having spent most of my life in various parts of western and southern India, it has been quite a change for me to live in the USA. Currently, my place of residence is Dayton, Ohio.

I spent most of my formative years in Andhra Pradesh. Fluent in the local language, Telugu, my native tongue. I also speak Hindi and Tamil. Though no linguist, I can understand a smattering of Kannada, and Malayalam. Ofcourse, I'm often wrong in my translations, but I guess that's the fun part of learning a new language!

I listen to music if I get sometime.

As an avid movie watcher, I watch of Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and hollywood movies. I watch all types of movies; though it is more likely that you will find me watching comedy or action films. My favorite actors are Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh, Sharukh Khan, Tom Hangs, Jachie Chan and Jim Carrey. Among my favorite actresses are Juhi Chawla, Kajol, Simran and Soundarya

The changes I have made to these pages were thanks to the many visitors who took the time to give me their suggestions! Thanks again everyone! Since the Web is in a state of constant flux, so are these pages! If you have any comments or suggestions on improving this site, or if you just want to say hi, please drop me a mail at Feedback !.